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Thinkific Review: Building Dynamic Online Courses

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Overview of Thinkific

Thinkific is an all-in-one online course platform that allows you to create, market, and sell your own courses. With Thinkific, you have no limitations on the number of students you can enroll, and you can offer unlimited courses on the basic plan.

The platform provides powerful features for student engagement and offers various pricing options, including one-time payments and monthly payment plans. Thinkific also offers completion certificates and sales widgets to enhance the student experience and boost sales. With its user-friendly interface and robust creation tools, Thinkific makes it easy to design and deliver high-quality online courses. It also provides excellent customer service and seamless payment processing, ensuring a smooth learning experience for both instructors and students.

Additionally, Thinkific offers an affiliate program and supports the integration of physical products, expanding your course's reach and revenue potential. With its comprehensive features and powerful marketing tools, Thinkific is an ideal choice for anyone looking to start or grow an online course business.

Benefits of Using Thinkific

Firstly, Thinkific’s user-friendly course builder makes it easy to create and customize courses without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, the platform provides a fully integrated e-commerce system, allowing course creators to sell their courses and accept payments seamlessly. Multiple payment options are available to cater to different customer preferences.

Thinkific’s app store further enhances the platform's functionality by offering a wide range of integrations. This allows course creators to extend the capabilities of their online courses and offer enhanced learning experiences.

For those looking for even more advanced integrations, Thinkific provides API access, making it possible to create custom integrations with third-party tools and systems.

Furthermore, Thinkific integrates with Zapier, enabling automated workflows and connections with over 2,000 other apps.

In summary, the benefits of using Thinkific include a user-friendly course builder, an integrated e-commerce system, access to the app store for extending functionality, API access for custom integrations, and Zapier integration for streamlined workflows.

With these features, Thinkific provides a comprehensive and powerful platform to support online course businesses.


Thinkific offers a range of powerful features designed to make creating and selling online courses a breeze. With their user-friendly course builder, you can easily create and customize courses without any coding knowledge needed.

The integrated e-commerce system allows you to seamlessly sell your courses and accept payments, with multiple payment options available. The app store offers a wide range of integrations to enhance your courses and provide an enhanced learning experience.

For those looking for more advanced integrations, Thinkific provides API access for custom integrations with third-party tools. The platform also integrates with Zapier, enabling automated workflows and connections with over 2,000 other apps.

With Thinkific, you'll have the tools you need to create, sell, and deliver engaging online courses.

Core Features

Thinkific offers core features such as scheduling, assessment management, data import/export, customizable branding, and client management. With scheduling, users can easily set up their course schedule and manage session times.

Assessment management allows users to create quizzes and assignments for students to test their knowledge. Data import/export allows seamless transfer of course data between other platforms. Customizable branding lets users personalize their course website to match their brand image.

Client management helps users keep track of their students and their progress. These core features empower users to effectively create and manage their online courses, ensuring a smooth and organized learning experience for their students.

Advanced Features

Thinkific offers a range of advanced features that can significantly enhance your course creation experience.

First, the Scheduling feature allows you to easily create and manage course schedules, ensuring that your content is delivered to your students in a structured and timely manner.

With Assessment Management, you can create custom quizzes, assignments, and exams, allowing you to assess your students' progress and knowledge effectively.

Data Import/Export enables you to import existing course content and export user data, making it easier to migrate from other platforms or integrate with third-party tools.

Customizable Branding allows you to personalize your course platform with your own logo, colors, and themes, ensuring a consistent and professional look and feel.

Finally, Client Management provides you with the tools to efficiently manage and organize your clients, making it easy to track their progress and provide personalized support.

These advanced features cater to your specific needs, whether you're a solo course creator or running a large organization. They empower you to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for your students while maintaining full control and customization. With Thinkific's advanced features, you can take your online course business to the next level.

Creation Tools

  • Course creation tools: Users can easily create and organize course content using the drag-and-drop interface. You can add videos, quizzes, and assignments, and customize the layout to fit your needs. There are also pre-made course templates available, making it quick and easy to get started.
  • Community builder: With Thinkific's community creation tools, you can build a vibrant online community for your students. You can create community spaces where students can interact and collaborate, host live events such as webinars or Q&A sessions, and assign moderator roles to manage discussions.

These creation tools make it simple for instructors to develop engaging and interactive online courses, while also providing a platform for students to connect and learn together. Whether you're creating an online course or building a community, Thinkific has the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Sales Widgets

Sales widgets offered by Thinkific are tools that help drive course sales on your website or blog. They enable visitors to purchase your courses directly from those platforms. These widgets can be customized to match your brand's look and feel, making them seamlessly integrate with your existing website or blog design.

With Thinkific's sales widgets, you have the flexibility to choose from various options, such as floating or inline widgets, sticky bars, and call-to-action buttons. You can also customize text, colors, and button styles to create a consistent visual experience.

Embedding sales widgets on websites or blogs is a straightforward process. Thinkific provides you with an embed code that you can simply copy and paste into the desired location.

While sales widgets offer great benefits, there are some limitations to consider. Currently, they cannot be used on third-party platforms like Teachable or However, you can still use Thinkific's platform and its marketing features to drive course sales on those platforms.

Overall, Thinkific's sales widgets provide you with a powerful tool to seamlessly integrate course purchase options on your website or blog, enhancing the user experience and increasing conversions.

Payment Processing Options

Thinkific offers multiple payment processing options, including Stripe and PayPal. Users can integrate these popular payment gateways to start accepting payments quickly.

Thinkific also offers its own payment service, Thinkific Payments, which supports additional options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Bulk Enrollments

Thinkific's Bulk Enrollments feature allows users to enroll multiple students into a course at once.

To utilize this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Thinkific account and navigate to the course you want to enroll students in.
  2. Go to the Students tab and click on the Bulk Enrollments option.
  3. Choose the enrollment method: email or CSV file.
  4. If selecting email, enter the email addresses of the students you want to enroll and customize the enrollment message.
  5. If using a CSV file, upload the file with the students' email addresses.
  6. Review the list of students to be enrolled and make any necessary edits.
  7. Click on the Enroll button to enroll multiple students effortlessly.

The benefits of using Bulk Enrollments include saving time by not having to individually enroll each student and streamlining the enrollment process to ensure a seamless experience for both students and course creators.

By utilizing Thinkific's Bulk Enrollments feature, course creators can efficiently enroll multiple students into their courses with just a few simple steps.

Student Experience & Engagement

A key aspect of any online course platform is the student experience and engagement. Thinkific understands this and offers a range of features to enhance the learning journey. From unlimited courses and students to completion certificates, Thinkific provides a comprehensive experience for both the course creators and students.

With Thinkific, students have access to a variety of lesson types, including video lessons, quizzes, and assignments. This allows for a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Additionally, Thinkific offers a user-friendly interface and customizable course player, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable learning environment.

To support student engagement, Thinkific also provides various communication tools. Students can interact through discussions and comments, fostering collaboration and a sense of community. Furthermore, Thinkific offers affiliate programs, allowing students to become advocates for the courses they love and earn rewards for referrals.

Overall, Thinkific prioritizes the student experience and understands the importance of engagement. By providing powerful features, customization options, and student-centered communication tools, Thinkific ensures that students have a positive and enriching learning journey.

Types of Lessons Available

Thinkific offers a variety of lesson types to maximize student learning and engagement. These include text lessons, video and audio lessons, presentations, quiz lessons, and surveys.

Text lessons allow for written content, ensuring in-depth understanding and note-taking. Video and audio lessons provide dynamic visual and auditory learning experiences. Presentations offer engaging slide shows with multimedia elements. Quiz lessons help assess student comprehension and provide interactive feedback.

Surveys allow for student feedback and engagement, ensuring a customized learning experience.

By offering diverse lesson options, Thinkific caters to different learning styles and preferences. This variety enhances student engagement by keeping them actively involved and interested in the material. Students can choose the type of lesson that suits them best, resulting in a more personalized and effective learning journey.

Incorporating different types of lessons also allows for a multi-modal approach to teaching. This maximizes student understanding, retention, and application of knowledge. Overall, the availability of these diverse lesson types contributes to a comprehensive and engaging learning experience on the Thinkific platform.

Pricing Options

Thinkific offers flexible pricing options to suit the needs of all online course creators. With their Basic plan, users can get started for free and have unlimited students. For those looking for more advanced features and customization, the Pro plan is available at $49 per month, while the Premier plan is offered at $99 per month. Both plans include unlimited courses, powerful marketing features, and the ability to create sales widgets. Thinkific also allows users to accept one-time payments or offer monthly payment plans for their courses. With their range of pricing options, Thinkific provides a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses looking to create and sell online courses.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan from Thinkific is an excellent choice for those looking to launch their own online courses. It is the most affordable plan available, costing only $49 per month. This plan provides all the features necessary to get started, including unlimited course creation, content scheduling, custom domain support, and affiliate reporting. The Basic Plan also includes access to live chat and email support.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan from Thinkific is ideal for businesses looking to take their online courses to the next level. This plan includes all the features of the Basic Plan, plus advanced customization options such as custom checkout pages, drip content scheduling, and customization of student profiles. Additionally, the Pro Plan allows for up to 10 courses to be created and offers more powerful marketing features. The cost of this plan is $ 99 per month.

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan from Thinkific is best suited for businesses and individuals looking to make the most out of their online courses. This plan includes all the features of the Pro Plan, plus advanced customization options such as multiple payment plans, custom domain support, and student progress tracking. The Premier Plan also allows for up to 25 courses to be created and has powerful marketing features. The cost of this plan is $199 per month.

Overall, Thinkific offers an array of pricing options to suit the needs of all online course creators. With their Basic, Pro, and Premier plans, users can find a solution that fits their budget and goals. Each plan offers different levels of customization and features to help ensure success in creating and selling online courses.


Should You Try Thinkific?

Whether you should try Thinkific depends on your specific needs and goals for creating and selling online courses. Thinkific is a popular online course platform that offers tools for course creation, customization, and monetization. If you're an educator, entrepreneur, or content creator looking to offer online courses, Thinkific could be a platform to consider.

Does Thinkific charge transaction fees?

Thinkific offers different pricing plans, and whether transaction fees are charged depends on the plan you choose. Higher-tier plans often have fewer or no transaction fees, while lower-tier plans may have transaction fees applied to each sale. It's important to review Thinkific's pricing details to understand the fee structure associated with the plan you're considering.

Who Should Consider the Thinkific Online Course Platform?

Thinkific is suitable for a variety of individuals and organizations, including:

  • Educators and teachers
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Professionals seeking to monetize their expertise
  • Nonprofits offering educational content

Can you put any kind of content in a Thinkific course?

Thinkific supports a wide range of content types for your online courses, including video lessons, text-based lessons, quizzes, assignments, PDFs, audio files, and more. You can create diverse and engaging course content to meet the learning needs of your students.

Is Thinkific mobile-friendly?

Yes, Thinkific is designed to be mobile-friendly. The platform and course content are responsive, ensuring that courses can be accessed and consumed on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This mobile compatibility provides a seamless learning experience for students who prefer to learn on mobile devices.

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